Congregation B'nai Jacob has always been a warm, nurturing, affirming community. Acknowledging each other's special moments through these contributions will help strengthen the bonds that many of us already feel to each other and to Congregation B'nai Jacob as our spiritual community.

At Congregation B'nai Jacob, we have numerous funds that you can donate to, "in honor of", "in memory of", "speedy recovery to", and/or "in appreciation to", to help benefit Congregation B'nai Jacob programming and special interests, and charities. Please take a look at our numerous funds listed below. Your generous contributions not only send good wishes to the recipient, but also pay tribute to the individuals or organizations for which the funds were named.

Contributions can be made by credit card or check and by visiting or calling our synagogue office at (610) 933-5550. Our minimum contribution is $10.

CBJ thanks you for your contributions and continued support of our synagogue.

- General Operating Account
Supports the day to day operation of the Synagogue

- Capital Fund
Supports projects to maintain, enhance and beautify the Synagogue's building and facilities

-Louis & Sadie Liss Scholarship Fund
Provides scholarships for children for the Passport to Israel program and other enriching Jewish experiences ($18 minimum donation)

-Macy B. Solomon Fund
For religious school facilities and equipment needs

-Marc Weinberg Development Fund
For educational and cultural events for the congregation

-Sidney Weiss Fund
Supports the participation of USY leaders in regional and national events

-B’nai Jacob Cemetery
For the general upkeep of the synagogue cemetery 

-Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund
For special uses as designated by the Rabbi 

-Sisterhood General Fund
For synagogue improvement projects 

-Pinkus Stern Torah Restoration Fund
For the repair of the Torah Scrolls, to purchase additional Torah Scrolls, and to enhance the ark and bimah 

-Social Action Committee
Goes to assist Aid Agencies in our immediate area

-Pre-School Fund
The purpose of this designated fund is to support research, analysis and development of a Congregation B'nai Jacob Pre-School