CBJ Chevra Kadisha Committee - Volunteers Needed

In Jewish tradition, the mitzvah of burial is considered to be the ultimate kindness, for it is one that can never be repaid. The CBJ Chevra Kadisha Committee volunteers serve the needs of the Jewish deceased, with dignity and compassion, and help the bereaved families in our community.

The CBJ Chevra Kadisha Committee is seeking volunteers who are willing to be called on when needed. Immediately after a death occurs, the bereaved family members and the larger congregation are at their most vulnerable, and the committee needs to react quickly to provide the assistance needed.


Our tradition understands a person is composed of both, body (guf) and soul (neshama). Shmira, meaning "watching" or "guarding", refers to the Jewish religious ritual of watching over the body of a deceased person from the time of death until burial. Shomrim (שומרים) are the people who perform shmira.  In our community, when you volunteer to be a shomer you may sit with the deceased during a period of time, or travel with the deceased to or from the funeral home, or to the service or cemetery. Shmira generally takes place in a room in the funeral home. The main requirements are showing proper respect for the body of the deceased and being present.


When a death occurs, people immediately offer these familiar words of condolence, “is there anything I can do to help?” Yes, there is something you can do. Please volunteer to help our community perform this ritual. Contact the CBJ Office and have your name added to our list of Shomrim, and say “yes” when you receive a call.