What is SCRIP?

SCRIP, sometimes referred to as gift certificates, eSCRIP or food certificates is the ability of non-profit organizations to purchase certificates or gift cards in bulk, at a discount, from various retailers. An organization, such as Congregation B'nai Jacob, then sells them to its members at face value, thus creating a profit on each transaction, without ANY cost to the buyer. 

Why Purchase SCRIP?

It is an easy way for you to contribute much needed funds to Congregation B'nai Jacob without it costing you anything. All you have to do is purchase he scrip prior to going shopping. 

How do I pay for the SCRIP?

You can place your order with the SCRIP Coordinator during Religious School hours on Sunday mornings, or drop your envelope addressed to “CBJ SCRIP Program” in the payment box located in the office.

Please make check payable to “Congregation B’nai Jacob”.

How do I find a list of retailers that participate in SCRIP?

To locate the complete list, please visit the Synagogue’s website at www.congbj.org. Click the “Support Us” link on the left hand side of the page under “Quick Links”. Click “SCRIP Program” and you can download an alphabetical list of participating retailers. 

Who is the SCRIP coordinator?

You can contact Lisa Anton at (484)614-7128 or email lanton109@yahoo.com.